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I want to show my Medallions online. How do I do that?
Join PenPalZ and we will create a profile page for you. If you send us the special codes for your Medallions, found on your FactZ cards, we will know which Medallions to show in your collection. 
Why doesn’t my comment, blog entry or uploaded photo appear right away?
To ensure a safe environment for all CKidZ PenPalz, submissions are reviewed and approved by CKidZ editors before posting. Submissions will be reviewed twice a day, so be sure to check back later in the day to see your posting. If you do not see your submission in a few days, please email
How do I earn SouvenirZ?
After PenPalZ join they earn SouvenirZ from around the world -- virtual loot that appears on your profile page. You never know what may appear in your TreaZure Chest! You earn SouvenirZ when you enter your profile for the first time, for every new blog entry, for adding Medallions to your Collection, and for every 5 comments you make in our ForumZ, or to our Ambassadors, or other PenPalZ. You never know what may appear in your TreaZure Chest -- which ones you get will be a surprise! Keep earning to see what’s new.
I have more than one email address.  Can I use either one to send emails to Compass KidZ?
Please use the same email address you used to joined PenPalZ, so that all of your submissions are tagged correctly. We identify PenPalZ by email address, so a different email address will look like it is coming from a new PenPalZ.
Can I email other PenPalz directly? Do you have a list of email addresses?
To ensure a safe environment for all PenPalZ, we do not release email addresses to anyone. We do work with teachers to set up classrooms as PenPalZ, through the Compass KidZ Project. If you would like to hook up with a real PenPalZ, please ask your teacher to join the Compass KidZ Project, and we will provide teachers with contact information for teachers who are a part of the Project, so that their students can become real PenPalZ.
Why does my parent/guardian have to validate my account?
We want to make sure your parent or guardian is aware of the safety measures we take to ensure you will be safe online. In addition, to ensure a safe environment for all CKidZ PenPalZ, we would like their confirmation that you are a child under the age of 18. For a list of ways to keep safe online, see below.
How do you keep kids safe online?
We never reveal or release either child or parent email addresses on the website or to any outside party, ever. Comments are directed to a Compass KidZ email address, and we post them in the appropriate areas.

Here are ways to keep safe online, at Compass KidZ:
  1. Never use your last name, only your first name and last initial.
  2. It’s ok to say how old you are, and provide your city, state and country, but never give your street address, your phone number or the name of your school. 
  3. We will only use your email address, or your parents’ email addresses when corresponding with you or your parents. We will never publish emails on the website, or give them to any other PenPalZ or 3rd parties.
  4. Understand that we may edit comments and submissions for appropriateness, and to protect your privacy as necessary.
Note that this site is intended for use by children under 18 years of age. Anyone suspected of inappropriate interaction or use of this site will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Our Commitment to Privacy & Safety
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