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How do Points Work?
A new FUN PAGE is posted weekly with activities to do. You have until August 22 to earn points. You can access older FUN Pages, too. The goal is to earn at least 50 points. If you do, you will qualify for the Grand Prize drawing of $500 (US) travel dollars!

Your points tally is posted at the top of your CKidZ PenPalZ profile.
The date of the latest tally is included,too, as the Editors of Compass KidZ review all submittals before adding points. Points tally may be updated once a week. And, you aren’t limited to submitting FUN PAGE info once a week-- you’re welcome to do the SOLVE-IT one day, do the Medallion Mission or Blog item another day, etc!
Only registered PenPalZ Club members can earn points in the summer program OR send ePostcards or comments to other PenPalZ. But, it’s free and fun-- join today!  
  Note: All CKidZ PenPalZ also earn 1 eSouvenirZ in your TreaZure Chest for every 5 points earned. In between weekly fun pages, you can continue to add blog entries (2 pts. each) NO LIMIT!!  
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