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Our Commitment to Safety of Kids Online

As parents, we the founders of Compass KidZ regard online safety and respect for kids as our highest priority. The mission of Compass KidZ is education – which happens when kids share and compare their lives with others.  We strive to maintain a positive environment that encourages open communication and sharing, but this can only happen if kids feel safe, and are safe. We want kids to feel free to share who they are, while also protecting their identity. To do this, we have established policies in two areas: privacy and membership.

  • We review and edit all submissions to ensure that privacy is maintained for all PenPalZ. We will remove last names, addresses, street names, school names, email addresses, phone numbers, personal web URLS and any other information that may inform the reader of the exact identity or location of a member.
  • If pictures are submitted for posting, any persons in the picture should have given consent to the member for the picture to be posted. If at anytime someone has not given explicit approval to have a picture posted, email, and we will remove the picture from our site.
  • We never reveal or release either child or parent email addresses on the website or to any outside party, ever. Comments are directed to a Compass KidZ email address, and we post them in the appropriate areas.
  • Kids can only become PenPalZ if their parent or guardian has confirmed for us that the applicant is a child under the age of 18, and is requesting membership in order to learn about other countries and cultures and build connections with other kids around the globe.
  • Right of revocation. We will not post comments that intend to hurt, defame or threaten anyone. We retain the right to revoke membership of any PenPalZ who routinely submit these types of comments.
  This site is intended for use by children under 18 years of age. Anyone suspected of inappropriate interaction or use of this site will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  

For more information on ways we keep kids safe, visit our FAQ.

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