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Meet Abigail O.!

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My age: 11
My birthday:
March 2
Where I live:
Western Pennsylvania, USA
Who lives with me:
My mom, dad, sister and brother
3 cats, 2 Pomeranian dogs, and 1 hamster
This is what my parent/s do:
My Mom is a stay at home mom and my Dad is a CPA
Favorite subjects in school: Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Science
To have fun outdoors I love: I love swimming, riding my scooter, going to the park to swing and playing soccer
Favorite singer: Christian Rock
Favorite book: Mara, Daughter of The Nile
Favorite movie (film): One Night with the King
My other hobbies are: Playing on the computer, reading, and watching a few different shows on TV
Favorite sport: Track (high jumping)


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas
My family’s religion: Christian
My native language:
Some of my cultures are: Spanish, (a little)
My favorite food: Cream Chicken
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Taj Taj
My Blog

June 22, 2008
Our Puppies!

On June 22nd our dog had 5 adorable puppies. They were born at 5:00am. I was really tired but I helped out as much as I could. It was really exciting and I was happy to see them all. Everyone in our family and neighborhood wanted to see them. We only have 4 now because we sold one. I miss him, but the other ones keep me occupied. They’re a lot of fun, but a lot of work too!

Track Event

This year was my first year in Track and Field and I had a lot of fun. There were 3 things that I enjoyed the most, all things that included jumping: the high jump, long jump and the hurdles. I did best at the high jump and it was my favorite event. I had a lot of fun and almost made it to the Junior Olympics in Nebraska. I didn’t do very well at the regional meet in Pittsburgh, but I was tired that day and I got my leg caught in a door before the meet. It was very exciting to participate in Track and Field and I’ll definitely do it next year!

My Comments
  hi, just wanted to know,what a CPA is? and are u a very practicing christian?? write back soon. thx. bye : )
Hiba J., Age 12, England, UK

  A CPA is a person who does someone elses tax returns. Yes I am. Bye!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

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