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Meet Alicia P.!

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My age: 9
My birthday:
September 5
Where I live:
Melbourne, Australia
Who lives with me:
My sister, brother, mum & dad
3 dogs, 3 goldfishes, 3 cats & 1 yabby
This is what my parent/s do:
take care of me & love me.
Favorite subjects in school: Art


To have fun outdoors I love: playing hide & seek also playing other things with my friends.
Favorite type of music: Rihanna's music
Favorite book: all books by 'Paul Jennings'
Favorite movie (film): The Love Guru
My other hobbies are: chatting with my friends, skipping, dancing & singing Favorite sport: Swimming


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas & New Year
My family’s religion: Buddhas
My native language:
I speak a second language, and it is: Vietnamese
My favorite food: Noodles

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My Blog

August 6 , 2008
My new baby sister

On Monday, July 30th, 2007, I was going on an excursion with my class to 'Werribee  Zoo' to see the the animals. I thought this was just the end of my happy day until I came to the hospital. I was wondering why are we here. Then I saw my mum holding my new baby sister Kaylene. Everyone kept on saying 'She is so cute', 'Can I have her'. Everyone loved her, even my friends. I loved her so much that I still keep an eye on her every single day.......


August 3 , 2008
My sister's 1st birthday

Today my baby sister Kaylene just turned 1!!!!!!!! She was very excited. When we went to celebrate her birthday at Playzone she had so much FUN!!!!!! She jumped on the jumping castle, went down the slide and blew the candle on her cake!!! Everyone had so much fun, they needed a BIG rest!!! When everyone went home, they were tired.........

My Comments
  Hiya my name is Rebecca and i have read your blog and what on earth is a Yabby???? Rebecca C., Age 11, England, UK

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