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Meet Allie S.!

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My age: 11
My birthday:
November 22
Where I live:
California, USA
Who lives with me:
My sister Becca, my dad Bill, and my Mom Cindy
I have 2 hamsters named Smokey and Angel. I also have 2 dogs named Koda and Kayla.
This is what my parent/s do:
My dad is a software consultant
To have fun outdoors I love: candle tag and I am really good at soccer
Favorite singer: Chris Daughtry
Favorite book: The series of "The Books of Ember"
My other hobbies are: read, knit, or sew on my sewing machine
Favorite sport: Hockey


Favorite holiday or festival: Saint Patrick's Day
My family’s religion: Morman
My native language:
Some of my cultures are: Irish, German, British, and of course American!!
My favorite food: is shockingly, Salad
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May 13, 2008
Graduation Pictures!!!

On Friday, May 9, 2008 we had 6th grade graduation pictures. Everyone in the sixth grade was all dressed up ready to be put into a gown. I was the happy that all girls were last because as we were taking our pictures we got to skip 6th grade P.E. It was a joy to me and my friends!!


May 2, 2008
Sharks Playoff Game!!!

May 2, 2008 was awesome!! I got to go to a SHARKS Hockey PLAYOFF game!!! It was so much fun. We won so the Sharks are still in this. We might even make it to the next round!! Because it was a playoff game obviously we get free stuff. At the entrance they gave us Sharks hand towels. This way we have something to wave or twirl during the game. This round the Sharks are facing the Dallas Stars. It my head I thought, "Hopefully we will beat them." And guess what ?! We did!!!!


March 8, 2008
Saint Patrick’s Day!!

My family and I are ready for a holiday we love to celebrate especially because it is our culture!! I love to get all dressed up in green and orange for our native country. =)




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