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Meet Andrew A.!

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My age: 9
My birthday: September 30
Where I live: California, USA
Who lives with me: My mom, my dad, my little sister and my little brother
Pets? I have 2 fish, 1 shrimp and a lot of snails in my aquarium.
This is what my parent/s do: My dad is a software engineer and my mom started her own company to make games for children.
Favorite subjects in school: Writing Workshop, Math, PE and recess. I'm really good at recess. I find lots of things to do.
To have fun outdoors I love: Tetherball, tennis, soccer and swimming.
Favorite type of music: Christian Rock
Favorite book: Encyclopedia Brown
Favorite TV Show: Pokemon (I love everything about it)
My other hobbies are: Playing video games
Favorite sport: Soccer and Tennis


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas
My family’s religion: Catholic
My native language: English
I speak a second language: I am learning a tiny bit of Spanish, a tiny bit of Mandarin Chinese, and I know some words in French and Italian.
My favorite food: Rice with lemon chicken
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Taj Taj
My Blog
October 20, 2007
My first recital

I have been playing the violin for 5 months. My teacher wanted me to be in a recital. He wanted me to play the twinkle variations, but I wanted to do it differently because they are too long. So I made up my own introduction and did my own variations that were shorter. My teacher, my parents and all the other parents really liked it. My friends wanted to learn it, too, so I taught them.

September 30, 2007
My Pokemon Birthday party

My birthday party was a great event for Pokemon lovers. We hung banners of Pikachu and Pokeball (that we painted on sheets) in front of our house so that everyone could see them when they came in. We got to make pokeballs out of golf balls. We painted the balls red, white and black. We also made pokeballs out of old CDs, by painting them red, white and black. Then we made Pokemon out of play foam, like Mew and Raqaza. Finally, we got to play games like throwing water balloons at a moving target (my dad!). I liked the cake with a chocolatey creamy filling and wonderful strawberries. It had a Pikachu and an Electro Buzz Pokemon on top. It was delicious!  But the best part was opening presents because I got a lot of Pokemon cards from my friends.

August 15, 2007
My visit to the Statue of Liberty

We went there by ferry from New Jersey. I didn’t want to fall off the boat so I stayed in the middle of the boat. When I saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time, it was weird. I had seen so many pictures of it that it was hard to believe that I was actually there. It was smaller than I expected, and wider than I expected, and more detailed than I expected. There was more gold on the flame than I expected. The golden flame looked like shiny new saxophone. I wish that I had been able to climb inside so I could see what it looked like. I wish that I could go back again someday.

July 6, 2007
Rock Soul

Rock Soul is a band I participated in this summer. I did the vocals and drums. I sang not just one but two songs – “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day, which was my favorite, and “That’s the Way” by KC and the Sunshine Band. I played the drums for “Don’t Bring Me Down”. I liked starting everyone off on the right beat by tapping my sticks in the air before everyone started to play. I said, “One! Two! Three! Four!” I also did a duet with the only girl in the band, named Emma. We sang Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I really liked singing vocals and I may want to be in a band again.
  February 18, 2008
I found TreaZure!

The country is Russia. And I think it is very interesting that every year everyone plays performances of the Nutcracker.

signed, Andrew
My Comments
  I am Andrew's grandmother and I would love to go back to visit the Statue of Liberty with him.
Flo A., age 76, New Jersey, USA

hi im hiba and i love soccer (in england we call it football) and tennis

Hiba J., Age 12, England, UK
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