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Meet Anya M.!
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My age: 9
My birthday: October 23
Where I live:  California, USA
Who lives with me: My dad, Sukesh, my mom, Monita, my brother, Anesh my grandpa, Virenddra
Pets? I have a cat named Garfeild because he looks like the cartoon Garfeild though we call him puss puss for his home name
This is what my parent/s do: Well, my mom works for a software testing job. My dad works for a computer chip machine making job
Favorite subjects in school: Science and history
To have fun outdoors I love: swimming, soccer, sometimes just to take a walk
Favorite type of music: hip hop, rock, and classical Indian music
Favorite book: Abby Hayes Amazing Days 
Favorite TV Show: I think Drake & Josh
My other hobbies are: knitting, going to the park, and the things below
Favorite sport: Tae-kwon-do


Favorite holiday or festival: Holi, one of our festivals in our culture (the celebration of colors)
My family’s religion: Hindu
My native language: Hindi  
I speak a second language, and it is: English
My favorite food: Ravioli
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Taj Taj
My Blog

February 19, 2008
India Trip

I went to India last summer and it was wonderful! I have many cousins, friends, and pets that live there. The best part was when we rode in a ricksha (a carriage) to a restraunt called Haldirams! Oh man, that place was delicious! They had all kinds of food! They had Indian food, an American food they even had pizza! The part that I enjoyed THE MOST was when I went bunjy jumping! There was a mall called Metropoliten and it had so many stories high I couldn't even name them! So on the 1st floor, there was bunjy jumping. It's like you're hairs is going down then it goes up!


October 23, 2007

I had a lot of fun on my B-day!


My Comments
  I would like to be your penpal you sound soooooooooo cool and interesting!!!!!!!!  
  Morgan E., age 9, Australia  
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