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Meet Bryony H.!

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My age: 10
My birthday: October 23
Where I live: Western Australia
Who lives with me: Mum, Dad, older Brother
Pets? One dog, 4 rats, 6 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit, 1 Lizard, 10 birds, 2 parrots, 8 fish tanks
This is what my parent/s do: Dad works down a gold mine
Favorite subjects in school: Sport, English, Maths

To have fun outdoors I love: Running, Horse riding, trampolining, riding my bike
Favorite type of music: all sorts of music in the pop chart
Favorite book: Horse book – saddle club
Favorite movie (film): Finding Nemo, Saddle Club, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr Bean, Simpsons
My other hobbies are: Horse riding and anything to do with horses, playing on the wii
Favorite sport: all sports


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas and my birthday
My family’s religion: Christianity
My native language:
My favorite food: McDonalds, Subway, Chicken Treat, curry with puppadums, tomato soup and fishfingers

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September 7, 2008

We went fishing at Fremantle today. The fish were not biting much so we played in the play park most of the time. We had a lot of fun.


September 6, 2008

We went to Perth Zoo today. We saw lots of animals. I liked the giraffes. I wish they had kept my brother and put him in the cage with the other monkeys.

My Comments

I would really like to become friends! (I'm 11) I'm knew to this website. How long have to been a member?
Abigail O. Age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

Hi!!! At my church I have to ask another Christian kid about some things. Here they are. Do you go to church? Where do you meet? What are the names of some of your teachers? What are you learning about? Do you wear uniforms? If so, what do they look like? Thanks!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA


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