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Meet Cindi B.!

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My age: 11
My birthday:
August 12
Where I live:
South Africa
Who lives with me:
Mom Dad and Sister
Pets? A dog named trica (male)
This is what my parent/s do:
My Father is a Electrition and My Mom is a Therepeutic Aromatherapy and Body Talk Practioner


Favorite type of music: Jazz Hip Hop Pop Funk Rave all kinds
Favorite movie (film): 2 many 2 mention
Favorite sport: Soccer and Hockey


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas
My family’s religion: Christian
My native language:
I speak a second language, and it is: Afrikaans
My favorite food: Pizza

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  I'm knew to this. How long have you been a member or whatever you call it. I like soccer too, but I never played hockey. Thanks!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

  i dont realy know how it works!!! LOL How is it to live in the USA
Cindi B., age 11, South Africa
It's really neat to live in the USA. What is it like to live in South Africa? It sounds pretty cool. Is it always hot? Thanks for answering my commet!!! I'm glad we're the same age. When is your birthday? Bye!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

I go to a church and I have to ask a Christain kid about themselves. I picked you because you're the only one that I've been talking to. Do you go to church? Is there a children's program at your church? What are some of the names of your teachers? What are you learning about? Do you have to wear uniforms? If so, what do they look like?

I'll even answer my own questions. I do go to church. There is a program and it is called AWANA program. Some of my teachers' names are Joni and Jone. We are learning about missionaries. We do have to wear and they are grey with a red line on each side of your arms.

Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA
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