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Meet Hiba J.!

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My age: 12
My birthday: March 7
Where I live: England, UK
Who lives with me: Mum and Dad, 4 (annoying) sisters and 2 bros.
Pets? 1 goldfish and 2 rabbits.
This is what my parent/s do: Dad, IT consultant
Favorite subjects in school: P.E.

To have fun outdoors I love: playing football, tennis, climbing trees, wall climbing, running, bike riding, hiking and kayaking.
Favorite type of music: It depends what mood I'm in
Favorite book: Aphache, and Antony Horowitz books.
Favorite movie (film): kung fu panda (it's so funny) and Back to the Future 1 and 3
My other hobbies are: playing sports, watching telly, eatting, talking to friends on msn, going on the computer, wall climbing, climbing trees, putting puzzles together, reading, writing the begining of stories, taking photos and studying world maps. Looking after my pets.
Favorite sport: i love all sports. i'll say the best is footie, tennis and running!!!!!


Favorite holiday or festival: eid (festival) and trip to Disney Euro
My family’s religion: Islam
My native language:
I speak a second language, and it is: I don't have one, but I can speak bits of Spanish, French, Arabic and Urdu
My favorite food: Well...erm... theres lots.. pizza, chips, sweets, ice cream..erm... the list could go on forever! : ) : )

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Taj Taj
My Blog

September 3, 2008
My Rabbits
I had two rabbits Mr Jingles and Mr Jangles, and they were twins. At about three years of age Mr Jingles died of heatstroke I cried my heart out.

We decided to get another rabbit to keep Mr Jangles company, so we went to Greenwich Rabbit Rescue and bought a dwarf lop female, who I named Marble. At the time we didn't know how timid and dirty she was. Now two years on, she never lets you pick her up and she's always sitting in her litter tray and getting poo stuck to her bum!

They are both living happly together the garden.
RIP Mr Jingles.

the picture is of mr jangles (brown rabbit and marble (white, grey and brown rabbit)

September 4, 2008

It's Ramadan and muslims from all over the world will be fasting. When you fast you don't eat from sunrise to sunset. The fast is normally broken with a date, a glass of water or milk. Ramadan lasts for 30 to 31 days.

During Ramadan we reflect on our behavior and thank god for everything we have.
We also have to try our hardest to be patient and kind. We belive we get more blessings, during this month, for all the good me do. When you are young you don't have to fast.

The day after Ramadan finishes it's Eid an islamic festival. We have fun on that day and get loads of prestents. I can't wait!

September 4, 2008

I went camping with my cousins scout on the 5th march 2008. On one of the days I was there we went kayaking. We were playing catch in the kayaks and the objective of the game was to get the ball to a certain person and not letting the other team to do so. I was having great fun...
Then someone threw the ball, but it landed in the water. I leaned over, but i think i leaned too far because i capsized!
I was soaked through everything i was wearing was wet. Plus it was cold and rainy.
It felt like ages before we got back. I had a shower, but the shower became cold after a few minutes so i had to be quick.
I got changed, but I was cold for ages!

September 5, 2008

Muslims pray five times a day everyday, either in their home, in a mosque (a building dedicated to Islamic worship) or anywhere else where it's clean. Before you pray you have to do ritual wash. On Fridays there's a prayer, in the mosque, called Jumah which all men should try their hardest to attend, women can go to if they want.

In Ramadan men go to pray at night. My dad and brother leave the house at about 9.30pm and come home at about 11.30pm. However the time differs depending on what mosque you attend. Women can go to pray in the mosque in ramadan

This is my brother in an empty mosque,
when we went to Scotland
September 5, 2008

I got four goldfish as a present for doing well in a test. But within two months they all died.

So I got two more fish and they lived happly for several months. So I got another fish which died in the first week and a half. One of my other fish also died. Now i have one left called Treasure.

I want to get some more soon :)


October 2, 2008

We celebrated Eid a couple of days ago. Muslims celebrate Eid the day after Ramadan.

Yesterday we went over to my cousins' house in the evening for a party. Presents were given and we played pass the parcel and even the adults played! We did loads of other things. It was great fun, We came home at 2.30am, and i fell asleep at about 3.15am, so i was allowed to miss school today. I've missed 3 days already so I HAVE to go to school tomorrow, but i don't mined, because fridays are my fav day. Then it's the weekend!

This is a picture of my sisters on eid, they all wore the same thing!

My Comments

Thank You. I can't believe I was that lucky! I had fun!
Kitty M. Age 11, New York, USA

I like your little bunnies! 
Kitty M. Age 11, New York, USA


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