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Meet Kate D.!

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My age: 9
My birthday: August 6
Where I live: California, USA
Who lives with me: My twin sister Lindsay who is also on Compass KidZ and my mom and dad
Pets? I have a dog named Casey and 2 fish named Bubbles and Sharky
This is what my parent/s do: My Mom works around the house and my Dad is in Sales
Favorite subjects in school: Math, Art, and Writing

To have fun outdoors I love: Camping and playing with my dog
Favorite singer: Rock and Roll
Favorite book: Dragon Rider by Cornella Funke
Favorite movie (film): Indiana Jones (all of them!)
My other hobbies are: Dragons, collecting stuffed animals, reading
Favorite sport: Swimming


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas
My family’s religion: Christian
My native language:
My favorite food: Japanese

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My Blog

May 16, 2008
Class Overnight Fieldtrip

My 3rd grade class went to a local nature area for a one-night camping trip. We did all sorts of fun activities like making our dinner from scratch. We made our own tortillas from flour and milk! We also made chili, salad, and fresh squeezed juice. For dessert we made S’mores (graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallows that we roasted over the camp fire). At night we went on an owl hunt and saw a Horned owl. We also went to a pond to catch frogs. Although we didn’t catch it, we saw an endangered Red-legged Frog and a newt. At night we slept in sleeping bags under the stars. I hope I can do it again someday!


May 12, 2008
The Last Day of 3rd Grade!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! You can now officially call me a 4th grader! I’m really excited to start summer vacation. Next week, I’m going with my sister, Lindsay, to a sleep-away camp for a week. I’m going to go horseback riding, swimming and play tennis. They also have lots of other activities like fencing, archery, and a ropes course. This summer I am also participating on a swim team called the Meadow Dolphins. In July, my whole family will travel to Oregon for a week of fun. Last but not least, we go camping in August every year with 10 other families. I love summer!




My Comments
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE !!!!!!!!!!!!. I'm Danielle from England and i will be 9 next Feb. I would love to be penpals with you. I love high school musical and anything girlie.
Danielle C., age 8 1/2, Gloucestershire, England

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