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Meet Lauren M.!

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My age: 10
My birthday:
January 9
Where I live:
West Australia
Who lives with me:
Mum and Dad
3 jack russel dogs, 1 cat, 7 fish, 6 parrots, and 1 horse
This is what my parent/s do:
They work on a thoroughbred stud
Favorite subjects in school: Music, Drama, Sport, English, writing, reading


To have fun outdoors I love: Swimming, T-Ball, Bass ball, Cricket, Playing with friends, Riding and lots of other THINGS
Favorite movie (film): The Pink Panther
My other hobbies are: I have so many but two is making up plays and playing my flute
Favorite sport: Don't have one but footballs cool


Favorite holiday or festival: Fair
My family’s religion: Christian
My native language:
I speak a second language, and it is: Italian and Vietnamese
My favorite food: PIE - APPLE

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My Blog

July 15, 2008

Tuesday was the second day I slept over my friend Candices in a row we had so much fun. We watched a move that's not even out in cinemas it was called wally but is spelt walle . Walle was so cute and so was eva . It was a bit boring but they just looked so cute I couldn't stop watching. Twenty minutes before the end my dad came and picked me up. I was silent the whole way home but I wasn't sad I just had a sore throat.

My Comments
  I would really like to become friends. I'm new to this, how long have you been involved? Thanks!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

Hi!!! At my church I have to ask another Christian kid about some things. Here they are. Do you go to church? Where do you meet? What are the names of some of your teachers? What are you learning about? Do you wear uniforms? If so, what do they look like? Thanks!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA
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