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Meet Lindsay D.!

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My age: 9
My birthday: August 6
Where I live: California, USA
Who lives with me: My mom, dad and twin sister
Pets? A great dog named Casey
This is what my parent/s do: My mom stays home and works around our house and my dad does sales
Favorite subjects in school: math and art

To have fun outdoors I love: play with my friends and my dog
Favorite singer: Rock and Roll
Favorite book: The Gregor series
Favorite movie (film): Toy Story
My other hobbies are: Dragons, basketball, skiing, swimming, tennis, and collecting stuffed animals
Favorite sport: basketball


Favorite holiday or festival: Easter and Christmas
My family’s religion: Presbyterian
My native language:
My favorite food: Sushi

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Taj Taj
My Blog

May 23, 2008
Class field trip to Chabot Space and Science Center

My class went to the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland. I learned that inside a tiny drop of water there a whole other world! And did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet? We also took a hike outdoors and learned that Banana Slugs aren’t always yellow!


December 25, 2008

At our house we celebrate Christmas. It’s always a lot of fun. We put up a Christmas tree in our house. We decorate it with ornaments that we have collected over many years. Some were even my mom’s when she was little. We also put colored lights on our tree and outside on the roof of our house. The lights help guide Santa Claus to our house to deliver presents to my sister and me on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, we also go to church to remember that this is the day Jesus was born. On Christmas Day this year, we got up really early and ran to our tree to see what Santa Claus had left for us! I got a game called Dogopoly and a electric piano keyboard. I also got a set of plastic dogs – one for every different dog breed! At night, all my grandparents come over for dinner and some of my other relatives. This year our feast was delicious. We had beef, cheesy potatoes, green beans and for dessert a chocolate Yule log…yum! I love Christmas!




My Comments
  hi u sound cool
Chloe S, England

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'm Danielle and i will be 9 next febuary. I love High School Musical and those cute furry little sanrio charchters. I hope you choose me to be your penpal as you sound like fun and like me LOVE crimbo (Christmas).
Danielle C., age 8 1/2, Gloucestershire, England

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