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Meet Morgan E.!

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My age: 8
My birthday: July 30
Where I live: England, UK
Who lives with me: My mum Leigh, My dad Danny, My brother Jakub and me!!!!!
Pets? I have 1 dog and 1 cat. My dog is called Talula and my cat is called casper.
This is what my parent/s do: My mum is in uni but is planning on been a nurse. My dad works for computer company services
Favorite subjects in school: Maths and literacy. Mostly literacy!!!!!!


To have fun outdoors I love: To go on my trampoline and swimming
Favorite type of music: hip hop
Favorite book: Jacqueline Wilson books
Favorite movie (film): Mr. Bean movie
My other hobbies are: Gymnastics,trampoling and swimming
Favorite sport: gym


Favorite holiday or festival: Menorca
My family’s religion: Christianity
My native language:
My favorite food: My fav puddin is treacule pud

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hey Morgan my names Rebecca this is my first time on compass kids just want to know do you make loads of new friends and is it fun talking to children all over the world???
Rebecca C., age 11, England, UK

My name is Alicia. I am 9 years old.You sound like a very nice girl. I never sent  a coment to a person who is so far away!  I was wondering if you would like to be  penpals?
Alicia P., age 9, Melbourne, Australia

I would really like to become friends. How long have you been a member? i'm knew to this whole thing. Do you have a pool and trampoline? I wish I had a trampoline, but my mom says they're dangerous. Thanks!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA

This is Abigail O. I would LOVE to be penpals! I've been emailing kids all over, but hardly anyone has responded! Thanks so much! Could I ask you a few questions? My church asked me to ask someone about them, so I'm hoping you can answer them. Here they are. Do you go to church? Where do you meet? What are the names of some of your teachers? What are you learning about? Do you wear uniforms? If so, what do they look like? Thanks so much!!! Again, I would really like to become penpals!!!
Abigail O., age 11, Pennsylvania, USA


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