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Meet Rebecca C.!

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My age: 11
My birthday: November 2
Where I live: England, UK
Who lives with me: My Mum, My Step-Dad and My Little Sister
Pets? I have a dog and 2 goldfish
This is what my parent/s do: my mum works a CPP, my dad and his girlfriend breed animals and my step-dad makes garden benches
Favorite subjects in school: English and Art


To have fun outdoors I love: to play different games with all of my friends
Favorite type of music: i love pop and R&B
Favorite book: Kiss, by Jacqueline Wilson
My other hobbies are: i do Karate twice a week
Favorite sport: Rounders and Cricket


Favorite holiday or festival: Christmas
My native language: English
I speak a second language and it is: a bit of French
My favorite food: Spaghetti Bolognaise

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August 8, 2008

When I was two my mum and dad split up so now every other weekend I stay at my dads than for the rest of the week I live at my mums. And last year my uncle and aunty got married and are now going to have a baby,then when the baby is born a few m onths after they are going to live in Germany for 4 years!!!!!!




My Comments

Hi my name is clarice im also 11 I found ur name on compasskidz I also like
spaghetti bolognaise  would you like to be my penpal oh and I live in south
Clarice F., age 11, South Africa

Hi! I think it is cool we both have 4 cats. Do you have any other pets? What kind of animals does your dad breed?
Kitty M. Age 11, New York, USA


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