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My age: 8
My birthday:
March 23
Where I live:
Who lives with me:
My sister Diana, brother Jeremy and my parents
I have two pets. Cat Tedy and a dog Simba
This is what my parent/s do:
My mum is a teacher and my father is an Engineer
Favorite subjects in school: History and Geography


To have fun outdoors I love: Playing football and walking
Favorite type of music: Gospel
Favorite book: "The Books of Ember"
Favorite movie (film): Nigerian Movies
My other hobbies are: Traveling, reading story books, watching Nigerian movies, gardening
Favorite sport: football


Favorite holiday or festival: Madaraka Day
My family’s religion: Christian
My native language:
I speak a second language, and it is: English
My favorite food: Rice and Chicken

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July 18, 2008

26th April 2008 our School went to a tour to Kit-mikayi (a Historical feature in Kisumu city)!!

It was very interesting as everyone came very early in school. The bus was ready in the parking bay. We move upto Kit-mikayi, where everyone was surprised to see the big rocks that have made a cage like a house. So amazing!! People went inside the cage and there were rooms inside it. It was so unbelievable but to see physically we came to believe.

Hoops!! We turn all round but the cage was just empty with no one staying inside it. The floor was like it was cemented and the walls was also very fine made. The roof was stone, all in all it was a house. After the tour everyone has a story to tell about the amazing stones.


April 20, 2008
My birthday!!

On 23 rd March 2008, was my birthday. I felt so joyful coz my dad bought for fantastic clothes which when I put on everybody eyes turn on me. The dress made me look more beautiful than before. We were having fun of bursting the balloons, kites, and dancing. I look more jovial as my friends Triza, Soffia and Christine really lead the dancing platform. Infact they really know how to dance the breakdance, though it was a dream to my life.

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